Kramer Direct specializes in Direct Pipe, Microtunneling, Horizontal Auger Boring, and the brand-new Retractable Head System solutions. Dedicated to top-quality customer service and focused on sourcing the newest technology in the industry, Kramer Direct is your first choice for trenchless solutions for your business.

Direct Pipe

Herrenknecht Direct Pipe System

Direct Pipe offers a cost-efficient, low impact, and environmentally friendly solution to allow for a one-step single-stage installation process. Kramer Direct offers CSA approved Direct Pipe equipment.

Advantages of Direct Pipe:

  • Ideal for environmentally sensitive locations
  • Ability to operate through difficult ground conditions
  • Allows for single-pass installation


Akkerman Microtunnel Boring

Microtunneling methods are the optimal choice for small diameter, unmanned tunnel boring projects. The machine is remotely operated from the service and allows for a continuously supported pipe jacking method.

Advantages of Microtunnel Boring:

  • Maximizes the speed and efficiency of projects
  • Suitable for soft ground, mixed face, or rock formations
  • Smaller diameter pipes (up to 3000mm) can be installed with a high degree of accuracy

Horizontal Auguring

American Augers Boring Machines

Horizontal Auguring is one of the oldest forms of trenchless technology and is best suited for softer ground conditions. Compared to other trenchless solutions, Horizontal Auger Boring has a lower cost and offers a relatively simple operation of the machines.

Advantages of Horizontal Auger Boring:

  • Best trenchless option for lengths up to 130 m and diameters up to 60 in
  • Can be used where conventional open-cut methods are not practical
  • Minimally invasive installation process

Retractable Head System

Herrenknecht Retractable Technology

Kramer Direct is the only company in North America offering its newest service, the Retractable Head System by Herrenknecht Technologies. This groundbreaking technology is ideal for casing installation in unstable ground conditions.

Advantages of the Retractable Head System:

  • Site installation in the same location
  • Easy combination of technologies
  • Based on well-proofed technology