Kramer Direct is a family owned firm established in 2016. The firm was started with a clean sheet of paper with no preconceived ideas on how to approach a project. It was the intent of the firm to bring new innovative technology to the market for increased profits for our client by cost efficient job structure.

We invested in the Direct Pipe industry as we saw inefficiencies in the older technology being deployed in the 30 to 60-inch oil and gas pipelines. A market niche was identified and the cost gap in job completion using best practices was realized. We recognized the opportunity to increase the profits of our clients with the possibility that they would share with us in those increased funds and repeat business

Kramer Direct cannot work all year on Direct Pipe projects as they are short in inventory with extended time between projects.

We care about keeping our people engaged throughout the year, so we invested in Auger Bore tooling. Although not as technical it keeps our people gainfully employed.

Kramer Direct is a young company with new ideas backed by a solid team of contractors to provide the services we need to deliver on the job.

This firm is also safety driven. Our investment in down pipe communication is mirrored in the unique ventilation system , also in pipe.  We strive to be a leader in site safety.




Kramer Direct Ltd.

7355 107 Avenue SE

Calgary, Alberta T2C 5N6